Details of services



- Preparation of accounting policy: - Preparation of accounting policy requires that each head of the enterprise be required to comply with the requirements of the National Accounting Standard for Commercial Organizations No. 11 and Accounting Policy on Accounting Policies, Changes in Accounting Estimates and Errors are. Our company may share our experiences with you in the preparation of your enterprise's accounting policies.

- Preparation of asset classification policy: - In accordance with the requirements of IFRS, risk measurement and classification of assets is required based on time and value criteria. If you want to take steps towards institutionalization we can help you.

- Organize of accounting for taxpayers;

- Revaluation of fixed assets;

- Preparation of Budget;

- Training on accounting records;

IT service

- Providing licensed software applications;

- Providing 1C ERP software;

- Integration of the system;

- DATA Center organization, deployment and optimization;

- Organization of Information Security;

- Organizing server rooms in compliance with standards;

- Technical support services, etc.

Business Development

- Advanced Business Review

- Market research;

- Organization of marketing and PR services;

- Monitoring of advertising on media plan and audit of media plan compliance, etc.

Tax & Law services

- Consultation on tax dispute resolution;

- Consultation on Economic Law Disputes;

- Internal Audit & Internal Control

Internal Audit & Internal Control

- Human Resources Management Audit;

- IT audit;

- Financial Management Audit;

- Treasury audit;

- Audit of purchase

- Audit of warehouse

- Assessment of troubled loan portfolio and opinion on their quality;

- Audit of plastic card transactions and organization of an effective control mechanism against misuse of the plastic card;

- Other audit services

Corporate Management

- Preparation of action plan;

- Preparation of Risk policy;

- Preparation of Risk Management Guidelines;

- Preparation of IT policy;

- Preparation of rules for stress testing;

- Preparation of a Strategic Plan;

- Preparation of internal rules and regulations on the activities of structural subdivisions of the organization;

- Development of an optimal and effective organizational structure;

- Organization of internal audit and preparation of written rules on it;

- Preparation of a risk-based audit plan and program for internal audit;

- Preparation of regulations on the activities of committees, governing bodies and divisions;

- Preparation of rules for issuing a business loan;

- Advice on organizing and applying a scoring rating system to customers during consumer lending;

- Preparation of credit policy.

- Organization of Effective Risk Management, Finance, HR, Liquidity, Treasury, warehouse, purchase and etc. System;

- Design and development of corporate web sites;

- Preparation of corporate logo;

- Design of business cards;